Superior Laser Grading and Turf Improvement Services

Bareco provides a large selection of laser grading and turf improvement services. Using the latest technology, Bareco works on sports grounds, including baseball, soccer, and football fields, as well as bowling greens, arenas, and tennis courts. We also offer laser leveling of subgrades, allowing for precision in the material depth of any kind of construction project.

We possess a wealth of expertise in new sports field construction and maintenance solutions through surface renovation or turf surface leveling. Choose us and work with the best.

Turfgrass Surface Leveling

This is our most popular service. It involves restoring the original turfgrass surface of worn areas such as the center of football, soccer, and lacrosse fields as well as softball and baseball outfields. This is an inexpensive way to create a smoother and safer playing surface. It also improves the quality of turfgrass without sodding.

The process works like this. We spread mortar/masonry sand over the turfgrass surface, depositing sand into the low areas and removing it from the high areas. This creates a smooth, safe surface once the Bermuda grass has grown through in a few weeks.

Turfgrass surface leveling is best done when the Bermuda grass is actively growing, particularly during the months of May to October in Arizona. Please note that cool temperatures during fall or spring can change this timeframe.

Infield Lip Removal

We use a power take-off (PTO)-driven grinder to remove infield mix, turface, and other materials from the infield’s lip, reducing its height. This process leaves behind the rhizomes and solons of the Bermuda grass, resulting in fast turfgrass regrowth and recovery without sodding.

Infield lip removal can be used on football and soccer fields as well as the high areas of outfields. It helps to reduce the dangers posed by elevated zones in turfgrass-covered locations of sports fields. It is best to schedule this during the months of May - October.

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