Laser Grading for Golf Courses of Any Size

At Bareco Sports Turf Solutions, we believe that laser grading is the most sensible way to level tees for new golf course construction and tee renovation projects. Our automated grading technology enables us to create almost perfect surfaces for tees that range in size, from ones found in small courses to those used in massive driving ranges.

New Golf Tee Construction

Laser grading for new golf course construction eliminates the guesswork involved in tree grading. Our accurate technology lets us build tees that meet strict design specifications.

In addition, this is a cost-effective use of resources. The reduced labor and equipment usage means extra manpower can be diverted to other projects.

Golf Tee Renovation

Renovating golf tees through laser leveling allows for the 100% use of the tee’s surface. The renovated tees will look and play even better than new. You’ll also be able to quickly return the tees for playing while saving time and labor costs.

Preserve quality tee surfaces through annual laser topdressing. Contact us today.